Award Winning Meat Market

Green Valley Meats was opened in 1983 by Ron Ware, Sr. and his wife Ruth. After their retirement, Ron Ware, Jr. and his wife Sabrina have continued to uphold a standard of excellence with a team comprised of their children and other family. The entire Ware family is happy to provide top quality meats with outstanding service to the entire Puget Sound area, as well as their many customers around the globe.


Hand-sliced beef, marinated and smoked to perfection in small batches.

Green Valley Meats is a local, family owned meat market,providing quality meats and service to its loyal customers for over 30 years. At the full service meat counter you can find a wide selection of locally sourced, all natural, fresh meats, and jerky or pepperoni made in house according to tried and true family recipes. Elsewhere in the store you can help yourself to an array of award winning smoked sausages, bacon, smoked fish, and other unique items. No matter your reason for stopping in, there is something here for everyone!

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High quality beef and pork, seasoned with the perfect blend of spices, smoked in small batches.

All natural, locally sourced USDA choice or higher beef

Our Specialties


A mouth-watering blend of pork, beef, and aromatic spices make up our old-fashioned sausage links.